Working to co-innovate

Working to co-innovate

Have a complex challenge? With Production Micro Solutions we solve your challenges at the well and the asset level. We apply cutting-edge digital and fully integrated technologies to deliver targeted solutions.

Our production engineers, data scientists, full-stack engineers, designers, and other domain specialists collaborate to realize your vision in a results-focused and agile way.

Production Micro Solutions
engagement process

Production Micro Solutions Engagement Process
Rapid development of customized deployment-ready solutions

Rapid development of customized deployment-ready solutions

Our global petrotechnical experts collaborate with a core team of Schlumberger data professionals to support your operational needs and fully deploy tailored solutions for you.

We combine an IoT infrastructure with a full suite of designed and delivered solutions to reach your operational production goals.

Proof-of-concept engagement timeline

Proof-of-concept engagement and deployment

Collaborate with our experts to design and build operational solutions—from prototypes to field trials to solutions deployed across your operations. But we go beyond proof-of-concept. We deploy solutions at scale, extracting maximum value, fast.



We leverage AI, data analytics, and machine learning, hosted in the cloud, for individual wells to an entire asset. As value is realized from single node solutions, we can also seamlessly scale to full network solutions.

Value at its cor

Value at its core

Efficiency and value are built into every micro solution. With Production Micro Solutions, deferment is identified immediately, so non-productive time is minimized and your return on investment is maximized.

Last mile customization

Last mile customization

Every asset is different. Whatever the challenge, from wellsite equipment, power or telemetry, we can help you deliver the right micro solution.