The INNOVATION FACTORI mission is to empower energy companies to take projects from the concept stage to fully deployed digital solutions through collaboration and co-development, fortifying and future-proofing their processes.

The Houston INNOVATION FACTORI is one of our locations across the globe where Schlumberger’s experts work closely with customers to accelerate their workflows through the adoption of digital technology.

The INNOVATION FACTORI Houston campus is based in The Ion—an iconic, historical structure, transformed into a modern-day center for innovation through a partnership between the Houston municipality, Rice University and leaders in energy and technology.

The space itself is set up to embody the spirit of creation, collaboration and inclusion, promoting ingenuity and progress by bringing together teams with domain, data science, and technology expertise to tackle complex challenges.



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Schlumberger Expands Global AI Innovation Network with Opening of INNOVATION FACTORI in Houston

HOUSTON, March 9, 2022—Schlumberger today expanded its successful INNOVATION FACTORI network with the opening of a new center in Houston, Texas. INNOVATION FACTORI enables customers to accelerate the development and deployment of enterprise-scale AI and digital solutions, in the context of their unique business challenges, spanning exploration to production and new energy systems.

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Global Locations


Beijing’s INNOVATION FACTORI is located in the Haidian district, one China’s most important centers for academia and technology.

The campus is on the doorstep of two of China’s most prestigious higher-education establishments—Peking University and Tsinghua University—and sits within a 5 km radius of hundreds of high-tech companies, from industry giants to small-scale startups.


Located to strategically leverage Norway's position as a global incubator for energy technology, the Oslo INNOVATION FACTORI has access to public data sets, energy innovation clusters, university and research communities, and operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The campus is co-located with the Schlumberger Norway Technology Center and is actively developing the DELFI cognitive E&P environment and OSDU data platform in the drilling, production and subsurface domains.

Kuala Lumpur

Schlumberger chose Kuala Lumpur as an ideal setting for an INNOVATION FACTORI due to Malaysia’s central position in the region, and its existing role as the headquarters for Schlumberger’s Asia-Pacific operations and the global shared services hub that supports activities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

INNOVATION FACTORI Kuala Lumpur’s domain and data science experts—backed up by Schlumberger global research and engineering—work in tandem with energy industry customers to accelerate their AI adoption, enabling them to take digital solutions from concept to full deployment at scale.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s INNOVATION FACTORI is situated in the downtown area of the city—the commercial center of Brazil’s energy sector—close to the key players in an ecosystem of industry innovation that includes operators, research centers, universities, start-ups, and investors.

The Rio de Janeiro INNOVATION FACTORI has embarked on innovative projects in several subsurface domains, focused on quick value generation through unique digital solutions, and disruptive business models based on co-development agreements. Work on the campus builds upon the stellar record that Schlumberger has had for research, development and innovation in Brazil from 2010 onwards, partnering with companies like Equinor, Petrobras, Shell, and Total.