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Perform sensitivity studies and uncertainty analysis, and generate probabilistic forecasts.


Industry challenges and technological value

Final investment decisions, either for greenfields development or brownfields rejuvenation, are an exercise of confidence in realizing good returns on your investment. Understanding the upside and downside risks means knowing your subsurface uncertainties and their impact on hydrocarbon volumes/recovery. At the same time, this has implications for surface facilities operating envelope and economics. Integration across all disciplines is key for efficiency gains. 

The Petrel platform and its innovative processes, such as Geoscreening, in tandem with the ECLIPSE and INTERSECT reservoir simulators, enables better decisions and enhanced understanding of risks—all in a single, shared-earth environment. By capturing static and dynamic aspects of subsurface uncertainty, testing various well locations considering uncertainty risk maps, allows for better optimization of surface constraints. Ultimately it enables more confident risk-adjusted decisions. 


Managing uncertainty, optimizing the production system, and assessing economics span very different domains and products. The Petrel platform’s unique integration and ability to link and manage from a single interface all domains provides your asset team with distinct advantages in work productivity. The intuitive uncertainty and optimization process dialog in the Petrel platform guides the setup of ample studies/runs.

These technologies unlock multifaceted features that assist in managing the most challenging field-development processes:

Varying structural frameworks and interpretation

  • Model-while-interpreting for instantaneous quality checks
  • Extract geobodies and correlate to geologic depositional assumptions
  • Modify velocity models
  • Integrate different grid frameworks in automated uncertainty studies

Consistent property distribution

  • Use a range of geostatistical methods to populate the grid
  • Establish trends for facies/petrophysical modeling
  • Condition petrophysics to facies and seismic linked probability maps

Limited fluid, rock physics, and aquifer data

  • Include all fluid, rock, and aquifer uncertainties in automated studies 

Identification and mitigation of key uncertainties

  • Perform sensitivity studies to identify uncertainties with highest impact on simulation
  • Seamlessly integrate MDT data straight from the rig interpreters to your model

Need for extensive studies 

  • Use experimental design methodology and quadratic proxy models for fast turnaround
  • Variety of sampling methods (Monte Carlo, Box-Behnken, full-factorial, etc.)
  • Consider static STOOIP and dynamic flow based connectivity for representative models
  • Generation of multiple probabilistic simulation forecasts
  • Easy run management

Simulation cases management and analysis

  • Set up thousands of simulation runs and see them load back automatically for analysis
  • Comprehensive correlation analysis revealing parameter dependencies
  • Powerful cluster analysis for grouping cases with similar characteristics

Expensive field development CAPEX and OPEX

  • Link reservoir uncertainties and optimization parameters directly to economics with Merak software
  • Couple your corporate approved environments for subsurface and economic modeling
  • Incorporate appropriate fiscal regime, prices, capital, and operating expenses
  • Assess all decisions (P50 model, development scenario 1, and operating strategy 3)
  • Intuitive interface for economic runs setup and results analysis

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      Requirements And Specifications

      Windows 7 SP1 64

      One or more of the following products are required

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