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Perform sensitivity studies and uncertainty analysis, and generate probabilistic forecasts and proxy models.


​Including uncertainty analysis workflows in reservoir modeling and simulation improves risk assessment and quantification and, consequently, decision making. Uncertainty analysis in the Petrel platform provides objective function definition, experimental design techniques, and proxy models, which enable the impact of uncertainty on production rates or reserves to be evaluated in a fraction of the time previously required.

Primary workflows include:

  • Sensitivity studies to determine the key parameters in your reservoir simulations
  • Quantification of volumetric uncertainty in your reservoir
  • Optimizing well placement or completion design
  • Generation of probabilistic simulation forecasts 


  • ​Variety of sampling methods such as Monte Carlo, Latin hypercube, Plackett-Burman, Box-Behnken, and central composite
  • Create proxy models using experimental designs, which can then be used to efficiently sample the parameter space
  • Automated design and placement for complex wells (such as fish bone or fork—well path and lateral design parameters can be used as part of sensitivity workflows
  • State-of-the-art visualization tools, enabling excellent results analysis to, produce improved reservoir modeling and help with probabilistic forecasting and business analysis. 

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Visualization tools such as tornado charts and histograms help with sensitivity studies and uncertainty analysis.


Requirements And Specifications

Windows 7 SP1 64

One or more of the following products are required

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