Drilling Managed Services

Acquire, manage, and deliver real-time data from the rig to the petrotechnical application to enable drilling and operational workflows.

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An ever-increasing amount of data acquired on the rig, including multiple data types from multiple sources, needs to be aggregated in real-time for rapid analysis in your software platform. To meet operational needs, it is essential to ensure scalability, security, and data quality—as raw data is captured and integrated into your overall data management strategy. Real-Time Data Services (RTDS) provides an end-to-end service to acquire, manage, and deliver real-time data that enables your drilling and operational workflows.

The ProSource* E&P data management system provides powerful management, visualization, and delivery capabilities for all types of corporate data to streamline essential workflows. ProSource real-time capabilities enable you to proactively manage wellbore operations using a fully featured and vendor-neutral data aggregation system. The ProSource aggregator system is rig ready and easily integrated into any location with data connectivity—rig installation and deployment is provided by Schlumberger professionals. 

Extensive data acquisition

The real-time data system collects multiple data types at your rig location and is easily extended to support the following additional data formats: 

  • WITS (serial, file, TCP, and http)
  • WITSML (1.1, 1.2, client and server)
  • OPC-DA and OPC-UA (clients)
  • DLIS
  • MaxWell
  • CSV.
Integrating this real-time data into your workflows reduces risk and optimizes your well construction.

Comprehensive data management

RTDS sends an aggregated data stream to any WITSML data store, including InterACT* global connectivity, collaboration, and information service hubs or regional real-time data centers.

Seamless integration between the rig site and the back office data center via the ProSource system provides comprehensive management tools, allowing you to leverage real-time data for meaningful decision making during operations. 

Real-time data delivery

Data is viewed as a real-time stream in a web browser directly in your operations support centers, or delivered to analysis applications such as the Techlog wellbore software platform or Petrel E&P software platform.

The Techlog platform enables petrophysical analysis as well as pore pressure prediction and geomechanical workflows. Petrel Drilling allows drilling engineers and geoscientists to monitor drilling events (well control, mud losses, wellbore stability, or stuck pipe) in real-time to assess risk and ensure optimum well position in the reservoir formation.  

Secure remote system surveillance and support

The standardized infrastructure provided by RTDS ensures reliable and efficient data support from any rig. Highly trained professionals with backgrounds in the monitoring and delivery of rig data, as well as connectivity and related servers, are available on a 24/7 basis to resolve any system issue the extended drilling team may face. Streaming rig-side data to the InterACT hub means that proactive and constant monitoring of all aspects of data delivery, health, and performance is handled by Schlumberger. Problems are identified and resolved before they affect the drilling team, increasing uptime and service reliability. 

Complete real-time data service

With RTDS, Schlumberger provides the data acquisition, data delivery, and visualization needed to maximize the value of E&P data delivered via the ProSource system.