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National Data Centers

Enable access to nationalized petroleum data to entitled stakeholders.

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National Data Centers (NDCs) offer dynamic on-demand archival and retrieval of regional, national, or governmental petroleum data to entitled parties. Once considered simply data repositories, NDCs are now recognized for their value in helping manage an area’s petroleum resources, attracting investors, optimizing workflows, and increasing collaboration among government bodies, universities, service companies, and other entities.  

Helping achieve government and regulatory agency goals

NDCs promote openness and efficiency.

  • Streamlined operations accelerate time to first oil, optimizing tax and royalty revenue from investors.
  • More transparency and easier access to information attract investors.
  • Personnel develop expertise through knowledge transfer.
  • Discrimination between useful and irrelevant data reduces uncertainty in decision making.   

Supporting e-government initiatives

Advanced technologies make it easier for governments to interact and communicate with stakeholders entitled to the country’s petroleum data.

  • Web interfaces give easy access to data.
  • Self-service transactional interfaces allow auto-handling of regulatory reporting.
  • Open concepts and standards enable integration of NDCs into corporate workflows.

Deep domain knowledge and extensive experience from data management to ground-up NDC design and execution uniquely position Schlumberger as the preferred provider for National Data Center solutions.


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