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Integrated Operations / Digital Oilfield

The experience and know-how for effective integrated operations.

The Digital Oilfield (DOF) and its defining principles have matured in recent years to permeate standard business practice in the petroleum industry. Integrated Operations (IO) is an evolutionary term that refers to work processes and ways of performing hydrocarbon exploration and production, facilitated by information and communication technology. The impact and value of IO, or its potential, is far-reaching and profound.

Characterized by cross-disciplinary collaboration for the producing Asset, IO is an approach that leverages technology to streamline the interaction of people and processes. Typically, the fundamental objective is to improve operational effectiveness to maximize or optimize production for the life of the Asset. Unlocking this potential means taking the right decisions at the right time against a holistic view of the Asset, while recognizing and respecting the different process cycles or loops that may range from seconds to months, or even years.

Schlumberger has been involved in IO projects around the world for over a decade. This experience has given us a deep understanding of how IO helps operators overcome a wide range of challenges that previously limited their ability to reach maximum potential. Schlumberger solutions have delivered tangible value for a number of IO components, including:

  • Reducing downtime via early detection of underperforming wells
  • Increasing well production by matching the well potential
  • Reducing operational costs by decreasing failure rate
  • Automating processes to predict or troubleshoot production problems
  • Increasing Asset team effectiveness using standardized workflows and tools
  • Delivering actionable information in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs) to a range of discipline group
  • Implementing visualization environments designed to promote cross-discipline collaboration that leverage integrated data- and model-driven workflows
  • ​Streamlining change management with consulting services that address the often overlooked challenges when implementing an IO program