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Asset Optimization

Maximize the rates, recovery, safety, and efficiency of your assets.

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As the industry configures itself to keep pace with the torrent of new data, a transformation is required to ensure efficient and effective decision-making, minimize production deferment, and increase recovery. This approach requires new levels of business process optimization, without adversely impacting operational safety.

The asset optimization (AO) solution from Schlumberger focuses on a holistic approach to provide the following core benefits: 

  • Reduces downtime by rapidly detecting under-performance
  • Improves reservoir management with reduced decision uncertainty via multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Reduces OPEX using automated systems for exception-based management
  • Increases knowledge capture and reuse using standardized workflows and tools
  • Streamlines adoption of AO technologies and best practices

Maximum asset value over the field lifecycle

​​​​​​​​Combining advanced technology, software, and services, our AO solution is delivered through the industry’s largest network of E&P domain experts. An open solution strategy means third-party technology and services are easily configured to meet diverse solution requirements.

Our AO solution integrates reservoir, well, surface network, and facility work processes for effective cross-disciplinary field management, delivering maximum asset value over the field lifecycle. Advanced instrumentation, measurements, and controls—along with high-speed field communication—enable unprecedented levels of remote and collaborative operation of modern oil and gas fields.

Online decision-making

AO also provides online decision support, enabling efficient and effective online decision-making. A balanced approach to technology, information, people, processes, and organization maximizes the value of your oil and gas assets throughout the production lifecycle.