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Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization

Maximize application performance and user productivity.

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Utilizing the right petrotechnical compute and storage infrastructure can have a positive effect on user productivity. To optimize that infrastructure it is essential to understand both your E&P workflows and E&P software requirements.  

Improve performance and productivity

  • Are your applications running poorly?
  • Are you experiencing ever-growing amounts of data and infrastructure?
  • Are you providing the best application performance for high user productivity?
  • Are corporate IT requirements being followed, while meeting workflow requirements?​

We can help you Increase performance, perform standardization, and create an environment that is able to able to support enhanced petrotechnical workflows and maximize application performance and user productivity.   

Our Infrastructure Optimization service comprises the following:

Achieve your infrastructure goals

Using this service, you will be able to achieve a range of goals:

  • Address petrotechnical software requirements
  • Analyze the demand on your back end infrastructure
  • Understand data access requirements
  • Align backup and recovery processes with user workflows
  • Match the computing platform to user needs and workflows
  • Address current and known future requirements
  • Consider every element of a shared storage architecture​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​