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Flow Assurance Technology Consulting Services

Optimize field production by leveraging our global team of leading experts within multiphase flow assurance modeling and simulation technology.

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Every oil and gas development is likely to experience one or more flow assurance challenges over its production life. In practice, the term “flow assurance” means designing and operating a system within an envelope around all likely eventualities, not just intervening when a problem occurs.

Historically this endeavor has been supported by different disciplines: drilling, reservoir, production, and facilities engineers. However, flow assurance expertise is multidisciplinary, involving a spectrum of disciplines, applications, methods, and design tools that must span the breadth of analysis required.

The success of production system design and operations hinges on a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behavior. Maximum return on investment in these fields can be realized by optimizing the fluid journey through the entire field life-cycle. 

This understanding becomes even more significant in cutting-edge assets with substantial technological challenges—subsea developments, mature fields, or other demanding conditions such as extremely deep wells, long pipelines, high pressure, or fluctuating temperature environments.

Comprehensive services in flow assurance engineering

Because maintaining and maximizing production in challenging environments is key to the success of developments, our services deliver flow assurance and well engineering services to help customers realize the maximum value from their technology investments.

Our multidisciplinary services team specializes in flow assurance technology for drilling, well, pipeline and facilities design and operations. With more than 70 highly experienced domain specialists in 14 locations, our services group is the most accessible organization of flow assurance experts. Our consultants quantify threats, establish appropriate mitigation schemes, establish operating envelopes, and advise on design requirement, which lead ultimately to viable design solutions and operational procedures.

For more than two decades, our expert advisor network has provided consulting and training support for all major IOCs, leading E&P contractors, many independents, and large NOCs. Our consultants work on hundreds of projects per year, providing critical input to answers on flow assurance challenges with a level of unsurpassed competence.

Consulting services include the following: 

  •  ​Providing critical information to help manage risks and increase safety
  • ​​​​​ Calculating facility-sizing requirements
  •  ​Optimizing pigging operations and strategies for thermal management to prevent blockages

As the developers of leading simulation software packages, our expertise goes beyond ordinary flow assurance services.  Our consultants are also expert users of the industry standard flow assurance software tools for steady state, dynamic, thermo-hydraulic modeling. Being close to the development of the software and having tight ties with the deep science provided through our JIPs, our consultants are exposed to broad field challenges from assets around the world. This exposure allows our team to provide the widest range of offerings.

Please contact us with your field challenges using the link at the top right hand side of the page.

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