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Integrated Asset Modeling

Integrating expertise to provide field development planning and operations solutions.

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 Combining industry expertise with industry reference simulators

The Schlumberger integrated asset modeling service centers on our IAM field development planning and operations software​​​. Our advisors use IAM software to enable the coupling of domain knowledge and models—reservoir, production, process and economics—into a total system solution for asset level decision making. This solution can be applied during field development, production operations or daily production optimization. 

A total system model to enable critical asset level decisions

Schlumberger services enable companies to achieve the highest level of confidence in asset-level decisions. Our advisors work together with surface and subsurface teams collaborate to enhance asset value.

Services include project framing at the start to review asset objectives and constraints and deliverables. During project implementation, we can provide reservoir engineering, flow assurance engineering, and digital oilfield support. Throughout, we offer hardware and deployment support services.

The resolution of modeling needed to solve asset specific challenges

Schlumberger advisors offer the flexibility to couple any combination of models into IAM software, while preserving the fidelity of individual detailed models. From reservoir, well, and network production forecasting to solving complex optimizations based on field constraint, our integrated modeling solution enables a range of complex technical challenges to be solved.

Our integrated asset modeling service enables the following:

  • Achieve more accurate forecasts by accounting for the interactions of subsurface deliverability with surface backpressure constraints
  • Model compositional blending, mixing, and injection of multiple producing zones or injection streams to meet product specifications
  • Optimize WAG infectivity utilization
  • Plan gas storage operations by predicting deliverability and optimizing compression design
  • Control cross flow between sands using inlet control valves (ICV) in complex wells
  • Debottleneck pipeline network through multiple multiphase separation facilities installations