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Integrated Asset Modeling

Integrating expertise with an holistic approach to maximize value for the life of your assets.

​Avocet Integrated Asset Modeler is an end-to-end software solution that integrates reservoir, wells, surface infrastructure, and process facilities—as well as the asset's operating parameters, financial metrics, and economic conditions—into a single production management environment.

The entire reservoir and production system is streamlined into operational decision-making and planning workflows, considering the economic impact throughout the life of the field.

Achieve greater transparency between engineering and financial operations

Avocet Integrated Asset Modeler software enables optimization routines with rigorous petroleum economics. Unlike industry solutions that are forced to approximate the individual models—such as answers that depend on material balance tank models to represent reservoir behavior—this software uses rigorous, discipline-specific models across the system to deliver realistic results that lead to better decisions.

Strengthen your asset management methods

The application's synergies deliver end-to-end improvements in asset management. Production systems can be designed and scaled properly for dynamic reservoir conditions. Field development strategies can be formulated with consideration for constraints in the process facilities. You can plan the facilities with full knowledge of the reservoir to avoid overdesigning as a safety precaution.

Enhance teamwork and knowledge with a multidisciplinary approach

The application allows domain specialists, regardless of location, to contribute models specific to their disciplines with the results propagated throughout the end-to-end integrated model. They work concurrently to identify and resolve conflicts that could add cost or impair productivity. Collaboratively, they exploit synergies that add efficiency, boost output, and extend the economic life of the asset. With integrated models, you have access to information that reduces cross-disciplinary uncertainties and mitigates the need for corrective reactions.​