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Digital Technology Theaters

Executive Briefing Centers for industry collaboration and innovation.

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At Schlumberger Digital Technology Theaters, visitors have the opportunity to identify current and future business solutions, exchange ideas with Schlumberger and other industry experts, and experience the latest innovations in the E&P world.

These Centers are world class venues designed to:

  • Experience the latest innovations in E&P
  • Identify current and future business solutions
  • Exchange ideas with industry experts
  • Create and test new solutions
  • Meet your challenges with concrete and differentiated workflows
  • Experience the latest solutions running on the latest technology

Experience breakthrough team performance in action:

  • State of the art Innovation Lab to develop new solutions using the latest software and partner technology. Briefings with industry and company experts on using technology to solve today's tough problems.
  • Collaboration rooms where you can truly experience solutions in action.

The Digital Technology Theater is more than an executive briefing center. It's like a think tank devoted to helping our customers position their companies for future success—using open collaboration to fuel innovation.

The new Software Centers are here to help you understand how Schlumberger and its partners are redefining the IT environment for E&P. We will showcase innovative technology to meet today's ever-changing business requirements, while allowing you to experience Breakthrough Team Performance in action.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​