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Production and Economics Data Analytics

Visualize and analyze production and economics data - integrated across Schlumberger and proprietary systems.

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Today’s upstream oil and gas business environment is characterized by geographically dispersed data systems, rapid changes in commodity prices and the development of more complex reservoirs and unconventional resources. With the backdrop of increased regulatory compliance, in order to deliver maximum value, companies must minimize time spent simply collecting, transforming and loading data and maximize insight into production, capital expenditures and financial performance.

Advisory services

Experienced consultants provide recommendations and guidance on incorporating data from Schlumberger products (Avocet, Merak, OFM, etc.) and third-party systems into your company workflows. Reduce effort on system integration work and spend more time on analysis and decision making activities. The result is more accurate planning, reduced data collection times and ultimately more timely, better informed decisions.

Application workflows

Deployment, configuration and support for standard installations to complex custom environments. Improve end user buy-in and uptake by integrating into existing business processes and reducing the need for new tools and training. Share and collaborate through applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services as well as 3rd party business intelligence tools like Tableau.

Implementation services

Take your organization to the next level by seamlessly moving from conceptual design to solution deployment. Experienced consultants will work with your organization to optimize system functionality that will enable you to plan production, revenue and expenses at the well, field or area level. Using our predefined data model, focus can be shifted from process analysis to utilizing the right technology to achieve strategic plans.