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Corporate Data Management

Maximize the value of E&P data with an integrated data value chain from acquisition and management to delivery into petrotechnical applications.

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The enormous growth in data volume also introduces corresponding challenges in data management and data consumption. Because you realize your data’s full value only when it is used within a petrotechnical application to make decisions, it is important to address data challenges at every step of the data value chain, from acquisition through to delivery to your applications. Our integrated technology and process help you to maximize the value of your E&P data.  

Data acquisition and integration

  • Directly acquire field data including logs, seismic and almost any E&P data type.
  • Integrate real-time data into Petrel, Techlog, or third-party applications in order to streamline your workflows and improve productivity.
  • Integrate partner data into your workflows.

Data management

  • Capture, analyze and maintain all forms of corporate data - original format, spreadsheets, 3rd party databases, real time drilling, and more.
  • Embedded data quality management.
  • Keep data secure and manage entitlement.
  • Standard rules and taxonomies to promote better data integration and usability.
  • Minimize implementation expense with internally- or externally-hosted services.
  • Data protection.
  • Disaster recovery.

Data delivery

  • Delivery to E&P petrotechnical applications.
  • Data is ready to use (quality checked, verified, and rated) enabling better decisions, faster.
  • Increase discovery or success rates and reduce risk through better data quality.
  • Avoid risk of poor data or repurchasing of existing data due to unknown quality.

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