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Avocet Gas Lift Optimization

Achieve and maintain optimal production performance for artifically lifted systems.

​Avocet Gas Lift management solutions allows for continuous, fast-loop tuning to deliver optimal levels of lift performance and production. Problems and production optimization opportunities can be rapidly identified. A single control interface leverages the accuracy and speed of a powerful optimization engine to perform fast-loop optimization to increase oil production and lower gas lift requirements. The state-of-the-art optimization engine uses the robust PIPESIM engine to model the production network at varying gas lift injection rates.

Adjustable for every operation, workflows are designed to make use of real-time data for analysis to enable true fast-loop optimization using online data. All workflows can be executed automatically on a schedule.

  • Automated diagnostics—identify underperforming wells and gas lift completion workover candidates; diagnostics can be run on single or multiple wells
  • Automated optimization—well status changes are detected from sensor data (e.g., SCADA) and updates are made to the associated well or network model
  • Dynamic well models—real-time data is used to update and validate well and network models; well test data is automatically collected and displayed and validated for use in subsequent engineering workflows
  • Results visualization—the surveillance of incoming data and the retrieved results can be run continuously; setpoints can be published back to the operator, displayed in any remote engineering desktop, or displayed using a web client that displays alarms and key performance indicators
Avocet Gas Lift Management solutions yield impressive results—including a 30% reduction in lift gas requirements for a customer in Asia and a 12.5% net oil gain for a customer in the Middle East—in addition to valuable engineering time savings.