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Exploration Software

Systematic evaluation and modeling of key geological risk elements.

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The best practice for understanding the hydrocarbon pathway during the exploration phase is the petroleum systems approach. Systematically evaluating and modeling key geological risk elements—trap, reservoir, charge, and seal—tests exploration concepts from play to prospect and discovers commercial hydrocarbons. Success requires a tight connection of workflows covering the following disciplines.
Defining structural and stratigraphic traps using horizon, fault, and attribute interpretation.
Geology and Petrophysics
Interpreting stratigraphy and lithology for reservoir parameters and to calculate hydrocarbon volumetrics.
Petroleum Systems and Geochemistry
Modeling the presence of mature source rocks, hydrocarbon migration and timing, and fluid types.
Predicting vertical pore pressure and horizontal stratigraphic juxtaposition for top and side seal analysis.
Risking and Economics
Assessing the chance of success for plays and prospect risk for economic viability.
Well Planning
Preparing a drilling program, including trajectory and engineering, to achieve reservoir objectives.
Drilling Operations
Monitoring and analysing results to reduce NPT while drilling, plus developing best practice for future wells.