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Exploration Software

A systematic evaluation of key geological risk elements—trap, reservoir, charge, and seal—to test exploration concepts from play to prospect.

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Understand exploration risk

The industry still drills more exploration dry holes than discovery wells. To increase success ratios, it’s vital to understand risk when selecting acreage or prioritizing drilling targets. In the past, evaluations were a linear workflow between geoscientists and engineers that involved multiple software tools with information losses between each step. To reduce exploration risk, Schlumberger software technologies focus on integrated evaluation of trap, reservoir, charge, and seal—enabling exploration teams to better understand risks as well as potential opportunities.

Analysis of available well data in exploration

To make the most of sparse wells in frontier exploration, advanced analyses of all available data are critical. The Techlog wellbore software platform allows teams to fully leverage detailed formation analyses to develop a full understanding of reservoir potential. The Techlog platform supports integrated petrophysical, geophysical, geological, and geomechanical wellbore analyses, which are consumed seamlessly in the Petrel E&P software platform for enhanced resolution of your exploration concepts.

Advanced interpretation for exploration studies

The Petrel platform provides scalability to work on regional projects crossing multiple projection zones. Advanced interpretation allows geoscientists to rapidly interpret, map, and model from basin to prospect scale.

  • Integrated petroleum systems modeling to understand charge and seal risk
  • Iterative depth processing for improved imaging of trap and reservoir
  • On-the-fly attribute analyses to reveal complex deposition geometries
  • Advanced structural interpretation, including analysis and reconstruction to help validate interpretations
  • Prestack interpretation for a clear understanding of structure or to evaluate potential hydrocarbons through AVO responses
  • Interactive structural building while interpreting for a detailed understanding of potential traps

Play to prospect risk evaluation

The Petrel exploration workflow preserves connections with data and interpretations throughout play assessment to prospect generation. Combining subsurface uncertainty expressed as chance of success maps—representing trap, reservoir, charge, and seal—provides an objective comparison of alternative prospects within the same play.

Using GeoX exploration risk and resource assessment software, prospect generation teams can combine these play-level risks with prospect-specific risks to calculate risked volumes and geological chance of success. The link to data and interpretations is retained, so decision makers can understand factors that cause prospects to fail and the parameters give rise to uncertainty in potential reward volumes. This systematic evaluation methodology allows objective comparison of alternative prospects within your portfolio. GeoX software provides an integrated decision support solution to evaluate expected economic value of exploration resources.

With a clear understanding of potential volumes and associated risk factors, decision makers can secure better exploration outcomes.

Optimize drilling programs

Exploration and appraisal wells can be costly and need to be delivered safely in often unfamiliar geological conditions. The Petrel platform enables offset well analysis and smart well placement against all available subsurface data. Geomechanical models in 1D in the Techlog platform and 3D in the Petrel platform provide predictions of pore pressure and fracture gradients, to determine the mud weight windows required to drill exploration prospects safely and efficiently.

Capture and reuse knowledge

In exploration, accessing both new and vintage data is essential for a full understanding of an area’s potential. Collaborating with coworkers and peers on prior work conducted in a region is an essential element to providing insight into unfamiliar environments.

The Studio E&P knowledge environment supports an E&P organization’s quest to present relevant information to the geoscientist in the context of their subsurface workflows. Powerful technology enables Petrel users to find, collaborate, and manage knowledge, to make more informed exploration decisions. All results from exploration can be seamlessly carried forward as the asset moves through into development, ensuring the knowledge gained is used to its full potential.


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