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Integrated modeling, from subsurface to economics.

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Field development planning is pivotal to the success of E&P companies. The decision to develop an asset means committing to major capital, personnel, operating, and legislative obligations. Making optimal decisions requires a simultaneous understanding the reservoir, wells, and facilities, while also gaining a comprehensive appreciation of risks and uncertainties.

Integrated workflows

The Petrel, Techlog, and Avocet software platforms enable workflows to be integrated across disciplines, preserving the cumulative knowledge of asset teams and enabling the interdependencies between the reservoir, wells, and facilities to be understood in context.

Avocet Integrated Asset Modeler allows subsurface and surface models to be coupled so interaction effects between the production system and the reservoir are included when evaluating design alternatives and defining contingencies.

Once the final investment decision has been taken and procurement and construction begin, development wells are drilled and equipment is commissioned. This leads to a wealth of new data that are rapidly assimilated into the design models via the Petrel platform. This cyclic approach enables models to be continuously updated and used for reservoir and production management throughout the life of the asset. It also ensures that asset knowledge is retained from conceptual designs through brownfield redevelopment.

Modeling at the appropriate scale

As a field development plan progresses, the size of the investment decisions increase dramatically; therefore, the detail in the plan must increase accordingly. The Petrel platform makes it effortless to move between models with the appropriate level of detail to support make-or-break investment decisions.

In the early appraisal stage, the objective is to qualify the resource and determine recoverable volumes.  The Petrel and Techlog platforms provide powerful capabilities, extracting the maximum value from measurements to accurately characterize the subsurface. Petrel Uncertainty and Optimization, together with the MEPO multiple realization optimizer, enables engineers and geoscientists to incorporate uncertainties arising from gaps in these measurements into their field development schemes. Risks are formally captured and propagated into design contingencies and reservoir management plans.

At the concept stage, the feasibility of the development is quantified. Evaluating multiple development scenarios and identifying risks all contribute to determining the optimal development plan. Reservoir uncertainties and multiple recovery schemes are rapidly simulated with the ECLIPSE reservoir simulator.

During the design stage, detailed specifications, costings, and mitigation strategies are defined. The INTERSECT simulator enables high-resolution simulations to accurately represent complex geology and wells. This “no compromises” approach provides a rich understanding and results in highly informed decisions. The optimization capabilities of the Petrel platform and MEPO optimizer make it straightforward to design complex wells or development strategies.

Throughout both of these phases OLGA transient and PIPESIM steady state flow simulators enable the design of the production system of wells, pipelines, and facilities. The PIPESIM simulator is used to screen numerous design scenarios, while the OLGA simulator provides increased resolution into the flow assurance challenges that have been identified. Understanding the transient flow conditions in deepwater wells and pipelines is essential to determining the feasibility of the design concept and in creating operational procedures.  Without the OLGA simulator, many deepwater developments would be impossible.

Efficient planning

Decision-appropriate modeling and analysis are essential to efficient planning. The multiscale capabilities of the Petrel platform ensure you can quickly and easily access the right model for the right decision—from a straightforward analytical calculation to a high-resolution, full-field simulation with multiple realizations. With the Petrel platform, reservoir models are rapidly constructed and updated with new data as it becomes available.

Data to decisions

Ultimately, the collated information must be transformed to an economic decision. Economic evaluation of prospects can be incorporated into appraisal well plans and refined to support field development schemes.  Merak petroleum economics software couples with Avocet Integrated Asset Modeler to evaluate production economics throughout development and redevelopment operations.

Software technology consulting services

The complexity of commissioning a large-scale project, especially when you have many sources of information and multiple sources of uncertainty, is challenging.  Our software technology consulting services work with your team to develop the most effective strategies to maximize the returns from your investments.


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