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Development Software

Integrated modeling of reservoir, wells and networks combining subsurface to surface with economics for the best field development plan.

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During the development stage, the hydrocarbon pathway can be modeled through an integrated asset approach. The evaluation joins the reservoir, wells, and networks plus economics to create an optimal field development plan. This best practice is achieved by tightly connecting the workflows covering the following disciplines.

Predicting reservoir distribution and geological properties from the quantitative interpretation of seismic data.
Creating a static model of the reservoir with structural frameworks and grids for property population.
Analyzing physical measurements to characterize reservoirs and understanding fluid levels to support dynamic modeling.
Understanding the implications of stress change during the extraction of hydrocarbons to maintain reservoir integrity.
Reservoir Engineering
Predicting fluid movement and reservoir deliverability by designing wells and development scenarios.
Production Engineering
Optimizing asset performance through rigorous engineering design, modeling, and analysis.
Assessing the economic viability of ongoing and remedial activities.
Well Planning
Preparing a drilling program, including trajectory and engineering, to achieve reservoir objectives.
Drilling Operations
Monitoring and analysing results to reduce NPT while drilling, plus developing best practice for future wells.