Omega Seismic Data Processing Software

Geophysics software for seismic processing through prestack seismic interpretation and seismic inversion.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Software solutions for exploration and development challenges

A wide range of cutting-edge software products are provided for geophysicists, geologists, and interpreters, including seismic processing systems and plug-ins that extend the geophysics capabilities and workflows of the Petrel E&P software platform. 

From the Omega seismic processing system, which enables geophysical processing from the field to final imaging, to prestack seismic interpretation and quantitative interpretation tools for Petrel, we deliver state-of-the-art seismic software solutions for critical subsurface exploration and development challenges.

Omega seismic processing

The Omega seismic processing system is unequalled in the industry. No other software package offers the breadth and depth of capabilities for solving today’s geophysical challenges. Omega is a flexible, scalable system that enables processing and imaging on a single workstation or massive compute clusters, or from a single 2D line to an immense 3D seismic survey.  

Omega advanced algorithms

Several advanced algorithm packages are available to be licensed to run in Omega. These advanced algorithms extend the functionality of Omega Time and Depth packages and bring the latest advanced technology to the geophysicist's desktop.

Earth model building

Earth model building tools enable a variety of depth imaging workflows, including initial model building, model editing and updating, depth tomography QC, model comparison, residual moveout analysis, and volumetric CIP pick QC. These functionalities, in conjunction with the Omega seismic processing system and its depth tomography and migration algorithms, can produce accurate and precise images of the Earth. Additional Ocean plug-ins enable derivation of anisotropic parameters from well data, manipulation of modeled geobodies, and accurate QA and QC of earth models.

Prestack seismic interpretation

The prestack seismic interpretation (PSI) plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform enables prestack seismic visualization, interpretation, and interactive processing. PSI complements existing 3D volume interpretation workflows by allowing interpreters access to the wealth of information contained in prestack data. Bridging the gap between the 3D space and 2D prestack window, prestack gathers can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime with one click.

Quantitative interpretation

A wide range of tools are provided that enable geophysicists to perform quantitative interpretation workflows in Petrel. These tools allow users to perform pre- and poststack seismic data conditioning, inversion (seismic to properties and properties to synthetic seismic), wedge modeling for thin-bed analysis, and amplitude versus offset (AVO) and amplitude versus angle (AVA) analysis and reconnaissance. Used in conjunction with traditional Petrel workflows, quantitative interpretation tools can significantly improve rock property estimation.   

Non-seismic methods

Non-seismic methods enable incorporation of non-traditional geophysical information into Earth model building and basing analysis. These inputs include electromagnetic and magnetic telluric data and can be combined with seismic, well data, and other geologic, geophysical and reservoir data to provide more accurate models of the Earth.​​​​​​​​​

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