ProSource E&P Data Management & Delivery System

Integrated acquisition, management, and delivery of corporate data for use in petrotechnical applications.

Maximize the value of your E&P data

Information management professionals need the ability to collect, find, edit, manage, and transfer data quickly and easily, allowing them to provide the right information to the right people at the right time in support of their business processes.

The ProSource E&P data management and delivery system provides a powerful and broad solution for acquisition, management, and delivery of corporate data required by all disciplines across an E&P organization. 

Building on the strength of the Seabed E&P open data model and database, the ProSource data management system adds the structure for an integrated working environment and holds a vast array of data domains in a single, integrated repository.
Through the platform-neutral interface, you can leverage intuitive and compelling tools and capabilities for acquiring, browsing, querying, editing, comparing, transferring, and controlling the quality of your data. 
This integrated suite of technologies replaces stand-alone legacy products such as Finder, LogDB, and SeisDB to maximize the value of your E&P data.