OFM Well and Reservoir Analysis Software

Powerful production surveillance visualization with robust analytical and forecasting tools.

Be more productive

OFM well and reservoir analysis software facilitates quick access to important information so all the answers are in one place for managers, petroleum engineers, or geoscientists.

  • Monitor and survey performance with advanced production views.
  • Forecast production with powerful decline and type curve analysis.
  • Analyze any asset and share results using standards.
  • View, relate, and analyze reservoir and production data with comprehensive tools, including interactive base maps with production trends, bubble plots, and diagnostic plots.
  • Use a library of off-the-shelf workflow templates to guide analyses from shale production to waterflooding.

The OFM software enables data to be turned into decisions that can improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire life cycle.

Data consolidation to workflow standardization

The OFM software allows organization-wide implementation of engineering workflow standards, supporting corporate and personal workflow solutions for any size of asset. By leveraging this standardization, basic or complex analyses can be performed for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. OFM software supports rapid, scalable deployments from single assets to enterprise-wide rollouts for multiple assets and locations.

Connecting multiple disciplines through openness

The OFM software improves productivity by driving collaboration between technical disciplines. Improved integration streamlines two-way data transfer between the software and

  • simulation models to share results from your shared earth model (via the OFM software plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform)
  • production volumes, operations data, and field event history (via the Avocet production operations software platform)
  • project-economic evaluations and forecasts (via the OFM software plug-in for Merak Peep)
  • any user-customized plug-in.