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Merak Petroleum Economics Software

Industry-leading solutions combining the skills of petroleum engineers and economists, for better decisions in the E&P Industry.

Software and services for better E&P business decisions

Industry-leading software and services that combine the technical skills of petroleum engineers with the foresight of economists to empower better business decisions in the E&P industry. The Merak suite of petroleum economics software for planning, risks, and reserves management delivers best-in-class functionality.

Merak Peep economic evaluation and decline analysis software provides customization and openness, proven global standards, and personalization option for your company's standards. This, integrated with the other Merak applications, creates a comprehensive system to suit your needs. 

New in Merak 2013

Merak 2013.1 is a significant software release, introducing new functionality throughout the Merak suite of applications. Key new features include

  • a complete overhaul of the OFM-to-Merak Peep user interface, with improvements in usability
  • updated grouping and filtering capabilities for Merak Capital Planning, as well as a new chart feature that improves multiple project and portfolio analysis with an enhanced sorting (by attribute values) feature.

OFM-to-Merak Peep integration

The 2013.1 release of the Merak suite dramatically improves the integration between Merak Peep and OFM software. This allows you to seamlessly link the forecasts from an OFM entity to Peep cases—either for a single well or an entire company—allowing Merak Peep to use those forecasts in economic evaluation for exploration, production, and reserves workflows.  The new interface supports static or dynamic linking of OFM forecasts for thousands of wells and reduces the opportunities for human error.​​​​​​​​