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Evaluate reservoir performance through simulation to maximize recovery

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 Our reservoir simulation software builds on 30 years of experience to deliver the industry’s most advanced and complete solution for reservoir engineers. The entire spectrum can be simulated, from black oil and compositional to thermal recovery of heavy oil resources.

By providing the latest developments in representative modeling, uncertainty quantification, history matching, and advanced field management, our software helps you reduce risk, enhance field economics, and ultimately maximize the recovery of oil and gas reserves.

Pre- & Postprocessing
Reservoir characterization, development planning, and production evaluation to optimize reservoir performance.
Dynamic Modeling
Geological Model Screening
Robust techniques for ranking and selecting representative geological models using static-dynamic criteria.
Gridding & Upscaling
Preservation of geology and flow information with accurate grids, local refinements, and powerful upscaling methods.
Well & Completions
Well& Completion Design
Interactive well and completion design to model complex wells and sophisticated downhole equipment.
Hydraulic Fracture Modeling
Modeling and production simulation for multistage hydraulically fractured wells.
Reservoir Simulation
High-Resolution Simulation
New insights from high-resolution scalable reservoir simulation for field management and planning.
Black oil, Compositional, Thermal and Streamline Reservoir Simulation
Robust numerical solutions and the most complete functionality for the entire spectrum of reservoir models.
Reservoir Geomechanics
Coupled geomechanics and reservoir simulators for understanding how stress changes, deformation, and rock failure affect reservoir performance.
Production Analytics
Production Interpretation
Engineering analysis for production diagnostics, forecasting, and rate transient analysis.
Well Deliverability
Nodal analysis, VFP table generation, IPR modeling, and flow correlation data matching.
Uncertainty & Optimization
Sensitivity Analysis
Multidomain sensitivity and uncertainty analysis to generate probabilistic forecasts.
History Matching
Integration of production data to calibrate reservoir models and optimize recovery.
Multiple Realization
Advanced uncertainty and optimization methods supporting robust decisions.
Economic Analysis
Application of production data and development scenarios for evaluating revenues, cash flow and economic indicators.
Reservoir Engineering Services
Reservoir Engineering Services
Leveraging domain expertise and best-in-class technology to define optimized development and asset management scenarios.