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Production Engineering Software & Services

Rigorous engineering design, analysis, and modeling—for optimal asset performance.

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Get the answers you need for production design, optimization, and operational needs—for any well and any field from our unmatched range of production engineering simulators. In the production analytics space, OFM well and reservoir analysis software delivers understanding and forecasting for well and field level performance. The flow assurance suite of the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator and PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator makes it possible to ensure the reliable, economical delivery of reservoir fluids. IAM field development planning and operations software is an integrated asset modeler that brings reservoir, well, and network models together for forecast accuracy and operational efficiency. We also back our production engineering products and services with comprehensive support, training, and consultancy to further help you meet all of your production targets. ​​​​​​​​

Production Monitoring
Production Analytics
Advanced production surveillance techniques and forecasting tools.
Flow Assurance
Steady-State Simulation
New-generation multiphase flow simulation to overcome fluid flow challenges and optimize production.
Dynamic Simulation
The industry’s most comprehensive flow assurance software solution covering steady-state and transient multiphase flow simulation.
Integrated Modeling
Integrated Asset Modeling
A total system model incorporating the reservoir, wells, and networks to support critical asset decisions in field development and operations.