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Petroleum Economics Software and Services

Make more-informed business decisions from exploration to production

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Our economics and planning suite plays a significant role in completing the technical insights of geoscientists and engineers with the business analysis and processes needed to support decisions through an asset’s lifecycle. In all stages of a project—from prospect assessment to abandonment—GeoX exploration risk and resource assessment software and Merak planning, risk, and reserves software promote an integrated and consistent approach to empower better business decisions.

Exploration Risk, Economics, & Portfolio Analysis
Scalable decision support for risk, resource, and economic evaluation of exploration projects and portfolios.
Project Economics
Consistent project economics and forecasting with the ability to evaluate alternative project scenarios and associated risk.
International Fiscal Modeling
Evaluation of international assets with consistent models and reporting.
Business Planning
Alignment of investment choices with strategic and operational goals and quick scenario analysis for efficient value-risk balance.
Reserves Management
Modeling, tracking, booking, and reporting worldwide reserves volumes and associated values.
Technology Consulting
Technical services business planning, project economics and fiscal modeling, portfolio management, resource maturation, reserves data management, and enterprise decision support.
Production & Economics Services
Advisory, implementation, and application workflow services.