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Petroleum Economics Software and Services

Make more informed business decisions with petroleum economics software, from exploration to production.

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Industry-leading petroleum economics software and services that integrate the technical insights of geoscientists and petroleum engineers, with the foresight of economists, to empower better business decisions across the E&P lifecycle. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Schlumberger economics and planning suite has a significant role to play in completing the technical insights of geoscientist and engineers with the business analysis and processes needed for supporting decisions through an asset’s lifecycle. In all stages of the projects—from prospect assessment to abandonment—the GeoX exploration risk and resource assessment software and Merak planning, risk, and reserves software promote an integrated approach to empower better business decisions.

Merak Planning, Risk, and Reserves Software

Industry-leading solutions combining the skills of petroleum engineers and economists, for better decisions in the E&P Industry. Read product page

GeoX Exploration Risk and Resource Assessment Software

Scalable decision support for risk, resource, and economic evaluation of exploration projects and portfolios. Learn more

Production and Economics Data Analytics

Visualize and analyze production and economics data - integrated across Schlumberger and proprietary systems. Learn More