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Information Management

Advanced technology to manage your data, information, and corporate knowledge

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Optimizing decision making along the hydrocarbon pathway requires the ability to model the journey that hydrocarbon takes along the three-stage life cycle of exploration, development, and production. Another consideration is the periodic impact of drilling activities on these stages. Our software platforms enable you to digitally model hydrocarbon behavior based on physical measurements and associated data. Critical components along this path are an efficient collaboration environment and solid data management.

We also understand that geoscientists and engineers must have confidence in the underlying data they work with. To that end we ensure data provenance, auditable workflows, and the efficient flow of information and knowledge between users and technology as determining factors in the success of an asset.

Corporate Data Management
Proven and trusted preservation of industry standard-format data for long-term storage in an application-independent format through the ProSource E&P data management and delivery system.
Project Data Management
A cross-discipline multiuser collaboration environment that enhances application-specific productivity and increases knowledge of the asset with performance optimization across our platforms.