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Seismic and nonseismic interpretation, from basin to reservoir scale

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From regional exploration to reservoir development and production optimization, geophysics is a critical tool to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges—including advanced seismic processing, depth-imaging, and powerful 3D, classical 2D, and prestack seismic interpretation, as well as new developments in quantitative interpretation. With leading visualization, interpretation, and collaboration tools at your fingertips, our software can help you rapidly process and perform high-quality geophysical interpretation ​of seismic or non-seismic methods.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Structural & Stratigraphic Interpretation
Seismic Interpretation
Interpretation tools for 2D and 3D seismic data in simple-to-complex multi-Z environments at any scale.
Structural Interpretation
2D reconstruction tools for accurate interpretation; advanced seismic attributes to delineate complex structures.
Structural Modeling
Interpretation tools for 2D and 3D seismic data in simple-to-complex multi-Z environments at any scale.
Structural and Fault Analysis
Modeling while interpreting and structural framework building for generating accurate geological models.
Seismic Attributes Computation & Extraction
Multitrace Attributes
Seismic attributes to help condition seismic data for better execution of structural and stratigraphic interpretation tasks.
Volume Rendering & Extraction
A fast, intuitive, and accurate approach to volume interpretation by rendering and RGB-blending large volumes of seismic data, along with extracting bodies and features.
Classification & Estimation
Neural network analysis tools for training and creating estimation models from various types of data.
Seismic Sampling
Essential sampling of seismic attributes and extracted geobodies into geocellular grids to create realistic geological models.
Well & Seismic Calibration
Well Correlation
Display, organization, and interpretation of well data in a flexible 2D environment with backdrop of seismic and other data.
Seismic Well Tie
Extraction and calibration of synthetic seismograms for both 2D and 3D seismic interpretation workflows.
Borehole Geophysics
The combination of petrophysical and geophysical data by using specialized tools to create time-depth functions based on checkshots and sonic data.
Borehole Acoustics
Support for a wide range of wireline and LWD sonic tools, enabling loading, viewing, and quality control of sonic data.
Velocity Modeling & Time/Depth Conversion
Domain Conversion
Quick domain conversion—performed backward and forward between time and depth.
Data Analysis
Visualization of histograms and crossplots of log data, with analysis and trends removed as appropriate.
Quantitative Interpretation
Quantitative Interpretation
Rock physics, AVO modeling, and reconnaissance workflows for stochastic and simultaneous inversion.
Prestack Seismic Interpretation
Prestack seismic visualization, interpretation and interactive processing.
Seismic Pore Pressure Modeling
Multiwell pore pressure prediction model with spatially variant parameters that can be applied to predict regional pore pressure.
Seismic Processing & Depth Imaging
Advanced Demultiple
Innovative algorithms to extend processing functionality.
Advanced Imaging
Integration of structural, velocity, and other data to extend workflows for a unified, reliable earth model.
Advanced Interpolation
Integration of the compute power of the Omega and Petrel platforms to provide powerful new geophysical workflows.