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Well Planning

The ultimate goal of well planning is to get the drilling program right the first time. Achieving that goal is possible only by considering both subsurface and engineering perspectives and incorporating primary, secondary, and tertiary well control. The resulting well plan provides guidelines for safer and more efficient drilling and well completion along with accurate time and cost estimates.

Subsurface Perspective
Wellbore Stability
Prediction of drilling hazards in 1D from surface to total depth.
Trajectory Design
Validation and verification of the borehole trajectory and survey techniques with consideration of subsurface challenges.
Elimination of the possibility of drilling into nearby wells with complex trajectories.
Engineering Perspective
Well Control Simulation Solutions
Dynamic drilling simulations for effective primary, secondary, and tertiary well control.

Drilling Operations

Our entire scalable solutions provide your drilling department with customized data access to support informed decisions and enhanced drilling efficiency 24/7, from any location.

Real-Time Monitoring
Rigsite Kick
Simulation results and preparation for a potential well control incident.
Drilling Performance Analysis
Automatic identification of all drilling activities to analyze a range of drilling parameters.